Introduction to Molehill

So for those of you that don't know, Molehill is the code name for a future release of the Flash Player (Flash Player 11). Now this release differs incredibly from any other release and demonstrates the amount of hard work and innovation the Adobe Flash Player team have been putting into this both loved and hated plugin. Flash Player 11 enables in-direct access to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit - or just the graphics card) and through a low level language called AGAL (Adobe Graphics Assembly Language) allows us developers to render real time high poly 3D to the screen. The possibilities are endless and this will enable a boom in realtime 3D gaming within the browser. It is certainly a very exciting time as a Flash developer and as it is in its infancy and very little information about it is available on the internet, I was lucky enough to be asked by the Active Tuts Plus network to record a screen cast for them outlining the basic of getting started in developing for 'Molehill' using  a great 3D framework called  Away3d, which has been updated especially to cater for this new release API.