Messing around with Molehill

So details of the future release of the next version of Flash Player have recently been released along with an 'alpha' version of the player for us developers to play around with. Thankfully the great people at Away3D have updated their framework so that we can develop for Molehill without having to drop to the low level code needed to get 3D objects displayed in flash via the Molehill API and through creating AGAL vertex and fragment shaders.

This I saw as a great opportunity to play with the new tools and see what effects can be achieved, and man I am impressed. If you check out the example whoms development process I documented here on my blog. The shaders, expecially the enviroment mapping were pretty simple to set up thanks to the hard work put in by the Away3D devs and I am very happy with not only the visual effects but also with the preformance, which I outlined in the blog post.

If you wish to view the example you can here but you will need to have the beta version of the flash player to view it.