Animating text fields with Actionscript

Tweet Well after a little period of no posts due to being insanely busy, I thought I would share a little technique I discovered through trial and error and a little thought. Ever wanted to tween individual letters from a text field with AS3 rather than on the time line in flash? Well it is [...]

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Simple but effective button transition in AS3

Tweet Thought I would show you how to create a simple button animation created totally in actionscript, which recreates a button animation I saw posted on a Cartoon tutorial which was originally created on the time line. This method is very simple and easily customizable. The artwork for the button is created in the [...]

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Neon flickering effect in AS3 tutorial

Tweet After trawling the Web for various bits of information and tutorials for various ideas I have noticed how amazingly, so many tutorials are still being created for AS2 applications considering the power and superiority of AS3 so I have decided to convert a few of them to AS3 format, partly for myself and for [...]

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