Messing about with the AS3DMod library

Tweet I don’t know why but I have had AS3DMod in my collection of libraries for some time now, but have never gotten around to having a play with it….what fun I have been missing out on!. It is a nice lightweight library that allows you to modify the vertex geometry of primitives in many [...]

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WOW & Papervision3D cloth physics effects.

Tweet Well after some time of seeing many examples available across the web, I finally decided to see how hard it would be to simulate cloth dynamics in 3D in actionscript and have to say with the help of Papervision3d and the WOW physics library that it was actually incredibally easy! I have never tackled [...]

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Depth of Field effect with PaperVision3D

Tweet We have all seen the wonderful effects created by the wizard Roxik (creator of on his website with his depth of fieldĀ  AS3 performance test and also the dof tests on Mr Doobs website. Well I have been itching to have a little go myself and see if this is something that I [...]

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