Corona Game Controller – game loop management

Tweet All games need a game loop. It is the guts of your game and where all of the action happens, so it is important that it is controlled well and that it doesn’t get out of hand. I like to keep things super organised and prefer to only have one game loop happening in [...]

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New year – new challenges

Tweet OK with the dawn of a new year – don’t worry no reflective blog post here I think it is about time to dust off the cob webs with this blog and dedicate some time to not only blogging but also to my site which has been much neglected over the last 6 months [...]

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My two part Flixel game tutorial now up on Active.tutsplus

Tweet A few weeks ago after messing around with the Flixel game engine I created a tutorial for The video tute took quite a lot of planning and recording and was finally broken into two parts, each split into four sections and totalling 2 hours and 20 minutes. I tried to include as much [...]

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