Creating a custom HTML Wrapper template in FDT

Tweet Recently whist using playing with Molehill, which due to the fact that no stand alone debugger exists yet, as the player is still completely in beta version, I have been forced to compile and test my swfs in the browser to take advantage of the incubator build flash player. As I use FDT for [...]

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Running PHP Eclipse with FDT / FB & Ant

Tweet OK, so lately I have been doing a lot of work in both FDT & Flash builder and building data centric applications with PHP and mySQL back ends, it has been vital that my work flow has been up to scratch to ensure that these project’s deadlines have been met and also so that [...]

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FDT Flash player 10 target path tip

Tweet I have seen loads of posts and tips across the net with regards to using FDT to code in your AS3 projects and how to make it target Flash player 10 when using the Flex SDK 3.4. All seem to recommend going to the run dialog and assigning a compiler argument to tell the [...]

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