Nearing completion of AIR application – call for beta testers.

Tweet OK so in my journey into working freelance as a flash developer / designer, one thing that has bothered me is the type of invoicing / billing software available out there, you either need intensive training to get to grips with some of the software, and quite honestly, I can’t spare the time or [...]

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Animating text fields with Actionscript

Tweet Well after a little period of no posts due to being insanely busy, I thought I would share a little technique I discovered through trial and error and a little thought. Ever wanted to tween individual letters from a text field with AS3 rather than on the time line in flash? Well it is [...]

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UltraVisual lab finally up and running

Tweet Finally I have managed to find the time to start my lab page, where I will be able to post any experiments or ideas I may have, who knows some of it may be useful, some will probably not, anyway take a look, I have already posted a couple of things I have been [...]

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