Messing about with the AS3DMod library

Tweet I don’t know why but I have had AS3DMod in my collection of libraries for some time now, but have never gotten around to having a play with it….what fun I have been missing out on!. It is a nice lightweight library that allows you to modify the vertex geometry of primitives in many [...]

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AS3 3D Tunnel effect tutorial now up on Vimeo

Tweet 3D Tunnel effect tutorial – Flash & Actionscript 3.0 from UltraVisual on Vimeo. Re-creation of a tutorial I recently saw which created the same effect but with AS2…so I thought I would bring things up to date and show you how simple this was to create using Actionscript 3.0 instead. I have just recently [...]

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Simple grass / hair effect with actionscript

Tweet Well I have been very busy lately and sadly away from flash and totally immersed in Blender3D for a current project. I love Blender to bits but missing flash and actionscript badly. Anyway Blender has some great effects and one is the hairs creation from particles, which gave me an idea for a little [...]

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