Creating a custom HTML Wrapper template in FDT

Tweet Recently whist using playing with Molehill, which due to the fact that no stand alone debugger exists yet, as the player is still completely in beta version, I have been forced to compile and test my swfs in the browser to take advantage of the incubator build flash player. As I use FDT for [...]

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More Molehill & Away3D Fun

Tweet To view the example click the image above – you will need the Flash Player 11 beta for it to run. So after my last post and initial tests with Away3D 4.0 and the new Molehill APIs, I wanted to dig a bit deeper and get together an example that would test the powers [...]

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Developing for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Tweet OK so at the end of last year I spent some time developing an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I was doing this for two reasons, one was to hopefully receive a FREE PlayBook once they get released as part of their offer, the other because at the time the main application platform they [...]

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