Giving this blog some love

So I haven’t added a new post to this site for over 18 months – many reasons – being way too busy – I got promoted at my job and the incredible pace of work in the last year has left me very little time for being able to spend any time on things like adding posts to a blog site. Also my attention was taken away from producing flash & Actionscript applications to concentrating on Javascript as my work shifted their focus to getting their games available on mobile devices. I enjoy programming in Javascript – but unfortunately it is not something I am passionate about so I have not been enthused to produce any Javascript based tutorials or blog posts. Anyway I need to get back into writing posts and seeing as I am forcing myself to allow myself more time for personal work this year I have been spending some time playing with Haxe – and absolutely loving it. So needless to say you should expect to see more Haxe & OpenFL based information on this site as well as other stuff.

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