Away3D 4.0 With AIR 3.3 Running on an iPad 3

Well I finally took some time recently to update an old demo I did when molehill and Away3D 4.0 were first released, after an update to the then beta version of Flash player 11 a lot of demos broke due to a pretty major change in the stage3D API and it has taken me this long to update it, so it should all work nicely now. Anyway while I was there I thought it would be nice to try and compile the same demo to the iPad – and how pleasantly surprised I was.  I managed to compile the same application to the iPad with one code change in the descriptor file. By adding this tag after the renderMode tag in the descriptor file for the application to run on my iPad 3:

  1. <depthAndStencil>true</depthAndStencil>

IntelliJ made the whole process of compiling a synch and once I got it onto the iPad I was amazed at the results…

Away3d 4.0 on an iPad 3 from UltraVisual on Vimeo.

And the same demo running on my Samsung Galaxy S2:

Adobe AIR 3.3 & Away3D 4.0 running on Samsung Galaxy S2 from UltraVisual on Vimeo.

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