New year – new challenges

OK with the dawn of a new year – don’t worry no reflective blog post here ;) I think it is about time to dust off the cob webs with this blog and dedicate some time to not only blogging but also to my site which has been much neglected over the last 6 months due to an incredibly busy work life.

So in order to kick start things I have decided to set my self a challenge for at least the first 6 months of this year and see where it goes from there. I have many languages that I want to learn, there are so many that look really tempting and in order to get a feel for them I need to get my teeth into a project with them. So as I currently have a game idea in development I am intending to milk it to death by creating different versions – top down, side scroller, 3D version etc each with a different technology and language. Each game will have contain pretty much the same characters, to make it easy on myself, but the game theme and play will be different. The first version is going to be done with Lua & the Corona SDK, I then have a Javascript / Canvas version planned, then Unity3D in C# and also HaxeNME and then who knows what else. I will be fully documenting everything that happens here in this blog and posting demos of the games when each is ready. First I need to get to grips with Lua – it has been two days so far and it is looking like a pretty easy language to get used to… :)

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