Introduction to webORB Java – Flex project set up tutorial

Tweet Here is a quick screen cast I did recently of a run through of the set up for a great Integration server for a Java back end called webORB. WebORB comes in many flavours including PHP, Ruby and .NET so pretty much covers any server configuration and the feature set is easily comparable with [...]

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Tweet I was pulling my hair out yesterday – hair what am I going on about – I’m a baldy! anyway, I have an application that runs on FP9 so needs to use the function by uploading the file to the server via a php script and then downloading it from the server via [...]

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Running PHP Eclipse with FDT / FB & Ant

Tweet OK, so lately I have been doing a lot of work in both FDT & Flash builder and building data centric applications with PHP and mySQL back ends, it has been vital that my work flow has been up to scratch to ensure that these project’s deadlines have been met and also so that [...]

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