Tweet parser to format urls in your text fields

Tweet A while back I created a tutorial on on how to create a twitter widget for your website. This tutorial has resulted in a lot of emails and great comments from people who have viewed it…..mostly good thankfully and a lot for help and advice on how to manipualte tweets etc. A few [...]

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I am now officially an Adobe Certified Expert.

Tweet Well I finally got around to taking my Adobe ACE in Flex 3 with AIR exam today…..I know not long and I’ll have to retake it as Flash builder will be the next tool and the exam will be updated but hey…..anyway, I passed which is really nice so you’ll soon see a little [...]

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FDT Flash player 10 target path tip

Tweet I have seen loads of posts and tips across the net with regards to using FDT to code in your AS3 projects and how to make it target Flash player 10 when using the Flex SDK 3.4. All seem to recommend going to the run dialog and assigning a compiler argument to tell the [...]

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