Another AIR app – LPlayer – play on your desktop!

OK so I am on bit of a roll lately, after initially playing around with the api back in april and struggling to get my head around its quirky security and methods, I finally got some time this week to finish what I started and create an air application that links up to the users account and streams the music directly to their desktop. LPlayer enables you to search for an artist and play the radio station (similar artists) as well as being able to ban and love tracks. More functionality is planned in the future but for now I have so much more to get done…….! Anyway if you want to download the application feel free to get it here:

[airbadge]LPlayer,, v0.50,[/airbadge]

The applications does require that you have a account which you can do here. It then links up to your account to get authority to use it and then bingo – non stop tunes from any artist or similar that you can think of!!.

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4 Responses to Another AIR app – LPlayer – play on your desktop!

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  2. Scott says:

    Hi, this looks great. I’m trying to build a PlayBook app to use the API but I have no idea where to start with AIR and the API. Do you have any resources or links to get me started?


  3. UltraVisual says:

    Hi Scott, I have already rebuilt this application for the BlackBerry PlayBook For my application I built my own custom framework to communicate with the API but there is a basic framework available here on google code, but it hasn’t been maintained since 2007 and the API has changed a little since….

  4. Scott says:

    Thanks for the reply, congrats on the free PlayBook!

    Yeah I found that framework after I left my last comment, I might give it a try and see how far I get with it. I’m using the PlayBook SDK with FDT and it’s been a challenge to get everything working, I take it using Flash Builder simplifies thinigs a little?

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