Shane Johnson

About Me

Originally from a fine art background, it took me a while to get into the world of digital media, but as soon as I did, Flash became my tool of choice. For the last five years I have been working as a freelance Flash designer / developer and I now work as an Interactive Software Engineer for a well-known online gaming company and  create engaging and creative applications for the web with primarily Javascript, but also any medium that I feel is the right tool to do the job.

As a programmer I strive to create clean, re-usable Object Oriented code that is easy to maintain and easily extendable. I use agile methodologies for my large-scale projects, to ensure that project deadlines are met and to ensure a constant flow of workable iterative demos before final release.

I am an inquisitive thinker who has always wanted to find out how things work, and enjoyed building things for myself. This has aided me in my job as a developer, where I have enjoyed the challenge of using maths and technology to achieve results. 

This site is a channel for me to exhibit some of my work as well as a platform to deliver some of my experiments and of course to blog my ideas and share some of my gained knowledge.